Should a wind-powered or an electric exhaust fan always be installed to ensure the systems ventilation?

BIOROCK answer:

The choice of the type of exhaust fan depends on the equipment:

For the septic tank and the removal of its fermentation gas: the ventilation network will be equipped with a static exhaust fan or a wind-powered exhaust fan located at least 40 cm above the ridge of the building and at least 1m from any windows or any other ventilation system. The treatment unit will be ventilated separately from the septic tank by a wind-powered exhaust fan (with blades) also positioned on the ridge of the building.

Electrical ventilation is only necessary in the event of problems in ensuring effective air flow (lingering odours, unsatisfactory treatment efficiency). Nine times out of ten, the presence of a foul odour indicates a lack of ventilation or a poor exhaust duct layout.

Our installation instructions recommend the use of a wind-powered exhaust fan on the BIOROCK filter in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of insufficient ventilation.

  • When the septic tank's ventilation system is insufficient, this becomes apparent almost immediately through the development of lingering foul odours. The air flow can thus be improved by installing a wind turbine.
  • When the filter ventilation is operating poorly, there is almost no smell given off and the owner only becomes aware of the poor water purification results during a service or maintenance. In order to maintain efficiency we recommend that a wind-powered exhaust fan is always installed. If the installer confirms however that a static exhaust fan would be sufficient (smoke test for example), this is not a problem.

In all circumstances, if we are required to provide maintenance services under the guarantee, the first check carried out will concern ventilation efficiency, and if it is not effective, this will need to be rectified at the owner's expense.

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