Can we choose non-BIOROCK septic tanks?

BIOROCK answer:

In response to your enquiry regarding the use of the BIOROCK treatment units with a "non BIOROCK" septic tank, we can confirm that this is technically possible but shall be subject to our review with respect to guarantee issues.

The septic tank configuration is not exclusive to the United Kingdom. Germany for example also recognises the assembly of the BIOROCK treatment unit with other CE labelled septic tanks.

A partition wall in the septic tank is mandatory under German legislation, which we have standardised in order to optimise our range of products.

We can confirm that the BIOROCK treatment units can be used alongside any septic tank as long as it benefits from the CE label, is effective, the correct size and equipped with a pre-filter.

The treatment effectiveness is not affected, the conditions of guarantee with respect to the treatment unit shall remain unchanged and the installation and maintenance instructions are the same. Specific instructions from the manufacturer of the septic tank in question should be taken into account.

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