The BIOROCK Non-Electric Treatment Process

The BIOROCK complete system functions as a three-stages treatment process.

Initially the raw sewage enters a primary tank to provide separation and the breakdown of organic solids (Primary Treatment). The sewage then passes through an effluent filter before discharging into the BIOROCK unit which incorporates the well proven aerobic digestion process (Secondary Treatment) and filtration process (Tertiary Treatment).

Where required the BIOROCK treatment unit can be retrofitted to a traditional septic tank.

Installation steps

How Nature Works

In traditional activated sludge systems (e.g. SBR), aerators and/or agitators pump air 12-24 hours per day to provide enough oxygen, so that a limited range of organisms can survive to break down the waste. The BIOROCK units work without any electrical or mechanical aerators – they simply require natural air draft for aeration.

Carbon Footprint

In a mechanical system machinery works hard and is energy-intensive with a high carbon footprint. Activated sludge is using excessive amounts of fossil fuels in the form of electricity for operating and sludge digestion.

The BIOROCK aerobic treatment units have a very low carbon footprint!

BIOROCK is safe for the environment!

BIOROCK, the best residential wastewater treatment system without electricity, zero energy. 25 years warranty!