How often should the media be changed?

BIOROCK answer:

The replacement frequency of the treatment unit's mineral-based media bags can be found in the user guide; we indicate an average lifetime of 10 years.

This duration is indicative and is intended to raise user awareness on the necessary maintenance of their BIOROCK system.

We have units that have been in operation for over 20 years in northern Europe, and are still operating extremely well with the original bags.  As a consequence, we know that with effective monitoring, the lifetime of the bags may be over 10 years.

The mineral-based media is an inert material, it does not deteriorate over time and retains its characteristics if the system is serviced regularly.

In the maintenance recommendations, as long as no abnormal contamination has occurred, you are advised, among other things, to only call out a professional to perform maintenance services every 5 to 10 years, which involves removing the bags, rinsing them, reshaping them (airing them out) and finally repositioning them.

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