Use of the existing septic tank as BIOROCK Primary Tank


Rosenheim, Germany


The renovation of the house requires the use of the existing septic tank (converted into a BIOROCK Primary Tank) and a BIOROCK STP with a capacity of 15 PE.


15 PE

Client Josef R


The client's contractor with supervision by BIOROCK.

Technical description

Necessary conditions

  • Adequate volume of the PT
  • PT in good condition and thick
  • Possibility to install the BIOROCK prefilter
  • Possibility to ventilate the existing septic tank
  • Adaptability of the site (Access for the works and room for the installation)
  • Authorization from the competent authority
  • The existing Primary Tank must be emptied before the tests can be carried out.

Technical features

Sufficient slope available for a wastewater treatment requiring no electricity. Wastewater treatment 100% by gravity (Water pipes to the river). The existing Primary Tank is equipped with a prefilter (Filter brush).

Project images