BIOROCK system installed at a block of apartments in Accra, Ghana

PROJECT: Installation of a BIOROCK system at a block of apartments in Ghana

LOCATION: Accra, Ghana


BIOROCK primary tank ST1-7500

ECOROCK-5000 Treatment Unit

External pump shaft


Our customer required a wastewater treatment solution for this building of 24 mini apartments which are regularly rented to tourists or teams of local workers. A detailed study of the project was necessary to evaluate the total daily wastewater flow to be treated. 

BIOROCK won the case and was selected as the most suitable wastewater treatment solution for this project.

Introduction of the BIOROCK non-electric wastewater treatment technology is very innovative in this region and is a proof of behavioural changes in how to deal with wastewater treatment challenges.

This unique project will help evaluating the impact of behavioural changes in the field of wastewater treatment, and help understanding how implementation of more stringent water treatment regulations can have a positive impact on local environment including the direct neighborhood.

Project images