BIOROCK-L Installation in Reading


Wokingham, Reading


Horticultural Farm with resident on-site workers.


BIOROCK-L Gravity System with ST2-3000 Primary Tank & BIOROCK-L Treatment Unit with 160mm Aeration Chamber.


The existing septic tank was overloaded and was discharging to ground. With the addition of new staff the a new system was required. The client had previously installed an electric system on another part of the farm which had proven to be very expensive to install, run and maintain. He was attracted to BIOROCK due to ease of installation, no running costs and little maintenance and the fact that he could discharge the treated effluent to a nearby ditch/stream.


The existing pipework into and from the septic tank was used to connect to the BIOROCK System. Installation was carried out by the client's staff under the supervision of a BIOROCK Engineer and was completed in less than 2 days.

Project images