Biorock installation at an old mill

Good afternoon Mr Brigand, thank you for welcoming us to your home.

This house is an old mill which has been renovated, this is our second home and we come regularly to spend time in the countryside now that we have retired.

I see your BIOROCK sewage treatment plant at the end of your garden ... can you please remind me when it was installed?

We had our BIOROCK system installed in April 2012, 3 years ago. This old mill was equipped with an old, failing septic system that was at least 25 years old! The old system consisted of a two chamber septic tank which was sending our wastewater directly to the river, with no further treatment.. My ecological conscience told me that something had to be done to improve the situation! We then contacted your agent.

How did you first hear about BIOROCK?

I read an article about the different compact sewage water treatment options in a magazine which was mentioning several brands and I came across your product. I then discussed it with a friend who works in the building sector and who has some knowledge of the subject, and he told me that he knew your brand and would recommend it.  At the time, there were only few non-electric sewage treatment plants installed in the area and the BIOROCK technology was quite ahead of the other options! But now the Environmental agency with whom I am in contact with have told me that your wastewater treatment plants get increasingly specified by professionals in the industry and the feedback from users is very positive.

 Which company did you ask for when arranging for your BIOROCK to be installed?

We opted for a local installer who was recommended by BIOROCK. He made a visit, checked the constraints of our site due to the proximity of the river down the road. The installer gave us good advice and told us that the ground was very much clay based in this area. However he told us that this was not an issue and that BIOROCK would be particularly suitable for our site. During his last visit our BIOROCK agent confirmed that everything was in order, it’s all gone very well.

This “difficult” type of soil involved the installation of a small lift pump at the end of the system ...

Yes, we had no choice because of the poor porosity of the ground ... But again the installer was very professional and the treated water is discharged above-ground directly to the ditch. The system has now been working  for 3 years I have no issues to report, neither for the treatment plant itself, nor for the small pump.

If you had to sum up your BIOROCK customer experience in two words?

“Biorock - recommended ”

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