BIOROCK Luxembourg and V&A sign joint venture agreement for establishment of BIOROCK CHINA

Posted on 18 Feb 2019 by Fabian Belin

BIOROCK Luxembourg and V&A sign joint venture agreement for establishment of BIOROCK CHINA

BIOROCK and V&A have signed a joint venture agreement that gave birth to BIOROCK CHINA.

BIOROCK CHINA will invest in manufacturing premises in China with the ultimate objective to supply locally-produced BIOROCK Septic Systems to customers of both partners in Chinese market.

The joint venture is established for the purpose of locally producing Small Wastewater Treatment Plants for domestic applications. Design and development of existing and future products will remain within the parent companies, for which both have their own capabilities.

To start the cooperation it is planned that the most demanded products will be brought in stock in the beginning of 2019.


Complementing strengths

V&A is a China-based company specialized in design and installation of Wastewater Treatment Systems for all kinds of applications, including Residential requirements. BIOROCK is a long-term, Luxembourg-based manufacturer focused on Small Wastewater Treatment Plants, supplying primarily European markets but also more and more present beyond European borders. The company has been taking big steps towards Domestic Wastewater Treatment for years, by development of an extensive range of Small Wastewater Treatment Units, including the recent MONOBLOCK system.

With over 30 years of experience in development and industrialization and recent years expansion of its portfolio, BIOROCK Luxembourg has been recognized as a partner of choice for V&A. At the same time BIOROCK Luxembourg has found with V&A an established partner with broad experience in wastewater equipment supply for the industrialization of their Compact Wastewater Treatment Units.

BIOROCK CHINA has through this JV full development capabilities for high-quality local manufacturing. With China-based production of the BIOROCK Compact Wastewater Treatment Plants, both parent companies see a materialization of their long-term commercial strategy for further development on Chinese market.